“A higher standard of marketing; Educating to sell”

Opportunity: A set of circumstances that makes it possible to reach a favorable juncture of outcomes.

We are proud to provide you with the opportunity to successfully utilize a new platform of marketing that will not only teach you how to grow your real estate business for free, but save you valuable resources that allow you to reach a limitless number of consumers and ensure your marketing will last through changing times.

How much do you spend on marketing, advertising, and lead generation annually?

It is no secret that an astronomical number of real estate professionals lost out on their careers due to the process of natural selection from the 2008 subprime crash. While some numbers remain conservative right around 300,000 others are much higher shooting into the millions. The sad part and little known fact most people fail to take into consideration is how many real estate professionals actually marketed their way out of business by not having the foresight to forecast a shift in the market and cut back their spending on marketing and advertising.

Instead of sitting out different avenues, many professionals across the board get caught up in spending more out of desperation to keep the checks coming. However, the checks inevitably and rapidly declined while their business expenses remained steady or even higher than before.

Using your current marketing strategy, will you be able to continue to afford marketing your business successfully should the market shift?

Whether the market tanks or not, classic ways of lead generation, conversion, and capture are dying out. We are seeing this in ways we haven’t even stopped to consider. From consumers paying ‘Robokiller’ to block calls, email addresses created solely for the use of spam mail and subscriptions, to the no soliciting sign on the front door, we are being told it is time to find a new way to market. Living in a digital age with reviews, recommendations, and unfathomable amounts of information at our fingertips, consumers can find us in ways we could’ve only imagined a few years ago. If we are needed we will be found. The days of actually hunting for business are over with the average consumer seeing roughly 10,000 advertisements per day, It is time to take an indirect approach to marketing and get them to contact us directly. 


After all, our calls are likely going to be blocked, emails never opened, and porch lights turned off. We understand that times are changing. Classic marketing strategies are becoming dated, too expensive, time restrictive, and unviable through today’s technologies. We live in a global world with everything we could possibly imagine readily available to us at the tips of our fingers. Though this is common knowledge, most people are still trying to figure out how to utilize this…Or they are paying way too much for it.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably tired. Tired of cold calling, converting leads, and paying top dollar for your ZIP Code…Or maybe you’re smart. Whatever your reason may be, we have a solution.

We have found a marketing approach that costs you nothing, allows you to reach an unlimited amount of consumers, produces a top percentile, guides you, educates the consumer, brings consumers directly to you, builds your credibility, and takes less than one hour per week. All you need is an account on Facebook and your smartphone.

While Facebook live is no secret, its means to success in our industry remain ahead of the curve. With SevSells Social by Sevin Murdock, we teach you how to utilize Facebook live to its maximum capacity and provide you with the tools, knowledge, training, content, and resources to indirect marketing and educating to sell on your personal Facebook page.

What's the Catch?

SevSells Social by Sevin Murdock charges you for its content, education, coaching, and training. There’s no small text where we incentivize you to sign up for a year subscription through price reductions as it is our greatest hope that you will only need our services for six months or less but want them for years to come.

It is our top priority to grow your business and keep our GDP value high, which is why our product is only available to a limited number of realtors in each marketplace based on population density. We don’t believe in sharing ZIP Codes.

While we are going to charge you for a product and services, the cost is minimal, the return is high, and the opportunity is limitless. This platform has allowed our president and CEO the opportunity to compete amongst top professionals in the industry, indulge in a limitless earning potential, grow a business practically overnight, generate multiple streams of income, and avoid a mountain of student loans at the age of 19

Not only do we teach our clients how to consistently generate leads, grow even bigger, and build a business at no cost, but we also introduce them to the luxury of time, independence, and financial freedom.

Not only do we teach our clients how to consistently generate leads, grow even bigger, and build a business at no cost, but we also introduce them to the luxury of time, independence, and financial freedom.


Follow the Program.
Refer to your coaches.
Remember your training.

Three simple steps so you’ll be generating your own leads it’s in six months or less.

Before you commit, we encourage you to individually consult one of our coaches to explore if this program is right for you… Free of charge!

We want to make sure we can meet your needs and have you enter this marketing platform with the utmost confidence.


How Much Does Independent Coaching Cost? Inquire Now.

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