How I Closed 19 Transactions in my First Year of Real Estate as a Teenager

How I Closed 19 Transactions in my First Year in Real Estate as a Teenager

Before I give away the goods, I’ll need you to take a moment to walk in my shoes.

When I was eighteen, I decided to get my Colorado real estate license. This was no easy decision for me as I was running a division of one of my families general contracting companies in Colorado Springs earning a healthy commission-based income. On track to franchise the company out. How could I give up this “silver spoon” opportunity? I chose to walk away, get my real estate license, and transition myself out of an established company because I believe the taste of success is so much sweeter when it has been personally nurtured from the start; not to mention I love my family just slightly more when we are not in business together. It was also important for me to pave my own path and earn my own success, every last bit of it. With a strong opposition to college, I needed to find something that offered an easy and cost-effective start up as well as something that had no earning limitations.